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Process Chemicals for Advanced Polyimide Designs

Halocarbon has worked closely with leaders in the electronic materials industry to create a line of process agents that enable breakthroughs in design flexibility and manufacturing efficiency.

Halocarbon’s advanced technology delivers significant economic value by enabling a higher degree of design flexibility and processing improvements.

  • Void-Free Cure and Lower Film Defects
  • Lower Temperature Curing
  • Broad Range of Solvents and Monomers
  • Improved Processability and Production Efficiency

Halocarbon Isoimidization Process Agents Give You the Advantage

Halocarbon’s advanced portfolio of isoimidization process agents are engineered to be drop-in solutions for the current imidization processes. Our process agents are designed to enable the advancements of the electronics industry by offering a higher degree of design and processing capabilities.

Halocarbon has worked with leaders in the electronics materials industry as well as major semiconductor packaging companies to create an industry- advancing technology that provides you with the design flexibility to access a broader toolkit of monomers, process solvents, and advanced polyimide materials with increased processability, lower coefficients of thermal expansion, and low dielectric loss.

bearpawProcess Chemicals for Advanced Polyimide Designs