Fill Fluids

Halocarbon Fill Fluids are inert, nonreactive fluids specifically engineered for metering an array of hazardous chemicals and oxidizing agents including halogens, oxygen, chlorine, and other specialty gas applications. These high-quality lubricants are usable in the same temperature ranges as glycerin-filled gauges and select grades can withstand even lower, more extreme temperatures. Halocarbon Fill Fluids facilitate high-performance liquid-filled gauges through excellent dampening for steady needles, extreme temperature tolerance, and reduced discoloration over long-term exposure to harsh environments. Halocarbon Fill Fluids are also critical for use in measurement instruments with diaphragm seals where a broad range of chemical compatibles is required, and their low viscosities and extreme temperature tolerances are essential. Unlike traditional silicone fluids, Halocarbon Fill Fluids have a higher vapor pressure and eliminate contamination in applications such as water treatment or vacuum service.

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