Halocarbon MWF2

InfinX Halocarbon MWF2

Halocarbon MWF2 is a low-viscosity, lightweight oil with excellent lubricity. This stable oil is a reformulated variant of one of our historically most popular metalworking fluids. MWF2 offers a variety of advantageous performance properties, including excellent thermal tolerance, chemical inertness, and exceptional coating capabilities. This inert metalworking fluid has a water-white liquid appearance and is easy to wash off with acetone or alcohols.

MWF2 is optimal for use in metal forming (stamping and rolling), metal removal (honing, drilling, grinding and lapping), and using standard application processes (flooding and misting). MWF2 has the unique property that it evaporates quickly after machining, which is often critical when residual fluids are ineffective. MWF2 is a choice solution for machining processes involving Tungsten (W), Tantalum (Ta), Molybdenum (Mo), Niobium (Nb), Rhenium (Re), Titanium (Ti), and more.

HalocarbonHalocarbon MWF2