F3-EMC for Improved Performance of Lithium Ion Batteries

Atlanta, GA., July, 2019 — Halocarbon Electronic Solutions introduces F3-EMC, or Trifluoroethyl methyl carbonate (Methyl-2,2,2-trifluoroethyl carbonate; 2,2,2-Trifluoroethyl methyl carbonate; FEMC; 3FEMC; or TFEMC, CAS #156783-95-8) for use in Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. This new product is a linear, partially fluorinated carbonate that serves as a co-solvent to improve the performance of Li-Ion batteries

F3-EMC contains three fluorine atoms, which offer improved oxidative stability for electrolytes.  This stability enables protection against degradation when electrolytes are stressed to higher voltage and temperature. As F3-EMC is miscible with commonly-used carbonates like DMC, EMC, EC, and FEC, this co-solvent allows manufacturers to achieve higher-performance batteries through minor formulation changes to conventional electrolyte systems.

Electrolytes for Li-Ion batteries formulated with F3-EMC offer better cycle life with both graphite and silicon-graphite composite anodes to enable higher energy density. In addition to improved capacity retention, fluorinated carbonates such as F3-EMC contribute to longer lasting SEI layers on the anode. 

Increased energy density is integral to providing battery solutions that meet the demands for portable energy in the markets of the future, including applications in consumer electronics, automotive, defense, and aerospace. Higher-performance Li-Ion batteries allow for smaller, longer-lasting wearable devices, more efficient battery-powered vehicles, and battery-powered commercial air travel.

“Halocarbon Electronics Solutions is excited to offer F3-EMC. Additionally, we are developing novel fluorinated electrolyte additives that build on F3-EMC’s features and benefits, while considering the scalability and supply to a broad base of battery companies. F3-EMC is just the beginning.” — Neville Pavri, Principal Investigator

About Halocarbon Electronic Solutions

Halocarbon Electronic Solutions is committed to supplying a broad range of ready-to-formulate additives and co-solvents for safer, lighter, and longer-lasting batteries. Our goal is to design fluorinated materials for Li-ion batteries that are more accessible and commercially viable. Looking to learn more? Contact our sales manager for more information on our fluoroproducts.

bearpawF3-EMC for Improved Performance of Lithium Ion Batteries

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