Halocarbon Electronics Solutions Helps Drive Advancements in USA Military Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

For over 70 years, Halocarbon has provided innovative technical solutions to support strategic US military projects and technology. Halocarbon Electronics Solutions continues this tradition with breakthrough advancements in fluorochemistry for Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries by facilitating commercial-scale development for today’s most innovative military applications. Our fluorochemical solutions for Li-ion batteries enable high-performance, lightweight, safe, and reliable military drones, soldier portable battery packs, naval energy storage systems, and more. 

A US-Based Manufacturer for High-Performance Military Batteries

As a United States-based manufacturer, Halocarbon Electronics Solutions offers innovative electrolyte additives, providing the military with a domestic supply of critical chemical technology. By delivering reliable and accessible supply of Li-ion battery electrolyte solutions, in addition to years of expertise in industrial-scale specialty fluorochemistry, Halocarbon Electronics Solutions offers the availability of cutting-edge fluorochemical technologies for a wide range of military applications. Our decades-long focus on  the fluorochemistry industry allows for a consistent supply of high quality Li-ion battery materials for a variety of military applications.

Increased Energy Density in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Li-ion batteries continue to evolve toward increasingly higher energy densities, as the market demands greater performance from smaller, lighter, safer, and more energy-efficient materials. Halocarbon Electronics Solutions electrolyte additives for Li-ion batteries have been designed to increase ion-transport efficiency while protecting critical cell features in high-voltage and high-energy density systems. In particular, these materials have been designed to increase the lifetimes of Li-ion cells that utilize high-nickel cathodes and silicon-containing anodes, driving further advancements in energy density and capacity-retention than ever before. 

Our unique portfolio of fluorochemical solutions can also reduce the flammability while helping to increase the energy density of Li-ion battery components. As drop-in solutions, fluorinated co-solvents and additives also help to achieve improvements in both safety and performance by stabilizing the electrolyte for high-energy-density applications. Our unique chemistry platform enables military batteries to become more dependable, safer, lighter, and longer-lasting than batteries made with the materials conventionally used today. 

Improved Lithium-Ion Battery Performance

Performance in Li-ion batteries continues to reach new levels, and Halocarbon Electronics Solutions offers a proven range of fluorinated materials that exhibit significant improvements in performance output. Our innovative fluorochemistry enables enhanced oxidative stability, wider temperature performance, increased capacity retention on cycling, lower flammability, and improved wettability with commonly used separator materials. 

Additionally, our R&D programs continue to design innovative additives for Li-ion batteries that generate more robust solid electrolyte interface (SEI) layers that better insulate and protect the surface of the anode, preventing adverse degradation of the electrolyte over extended operation. The SEI layer is critical to the health and performance of a Li-ion battery, as it mitigates capacity loss and helps to increase longevity and reliability. Halocarbon Electronics Solutions is also focused on the development of fluorinated additives that decrease swelling in pouch cells at extremely high temperatures, which can significantly broaden the scope of military applications. 

The US military has a critical need to improve battery performance for military applications. Incorporating Halocarbon Electronics Solutions fluorinated additives in electrolyte formulations enable improvements in battery performance to meet and exceed military specifications. Looking to design a safer, lighter, and longer-lasting Li-ion battery to support our USA military battery needs? Contact Halocarbon Electronics Solutions today.

bearpawHalocarbon Electronics Solutions Helps Drive Advancements in USA Military Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

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