Halocarbon Rebrands Two Flagship Greases to Lead the InfinX E-Commerce Brand

Halocarbon is proud to announce the launch of InfinX, our new brand name for our flagship fluorinated lubricants portfolio. With InfinX, Halocarbon introduces a new brand of fluorinated greases that goes beyond the base-chemistry of the lubricant itself, offering products based on both PCTFE technology and PFPE technology. Together, these chemistry platforms cover a wide array of hazardous operations and specialty lubricant applications. Halocarbon will continue to build the InfinX portfolio in the months to come, offering new innovations and rebranded products based upon the same rich, 70+ year history of performance and excellence you’ve come to expect from our existing product line.   

We proudly introduce InfinX — a broad assortment of products available direct-from-manufacturer on a convenient e-commerce platform. 

InfinX brings together the most common industry-leading fluorolubes under one brand name, which are available for individual, unit-sized purchase on the InfinX platform. These fluorinated lubricants and greases are particularly suitable for improved processing and manufacturing in a wide range of applications. Leading the launch, Halocarbon 25-10M and Halocarbon 25-5S greases are now repackaged, rebranded, and backed with the same outstanding properties as InfinX MRO 2510 and InfinX MRO 2505

These premium lubricants lead the InfinX MRO launch, as they provide the industry’s best performance to continuously drive the market forward and meet today’s most complex manufacturing challenges. 

Halocarbon 25-10MInfinX MRO 2510

Halocarbon 25-5SInfinX MRO 2505

Halocarbon 25-10M grease is now available as InfinX MRO 2510

A soft-bodied, high-viscosity PCTFE grease, InfinX MRO 2510 is a replacement for Halocarbon 25-10M. This inert grease is developed using a controlled polymerization process—the exact same methods used to formulate Halocarbon 25-10M—and is formulated to facilitate an extensive range of benefits. This fluorinated lubricant is chemically inert, non-hazardous and non-flammable, and offers tremendous compatibility with oxygen- and chlorine-rich environments. 

Like Halocarbon 25-10M, InfinX MRO 2510 is a premium grease, suitable for various hazardous conditions. With outstanding lubricity, high thermal stability, and low compressibility, MRO 2510 is the ideal grease for water treatment facilities, fertilizer production applications, bleach manufacturing processes, stainless steel anti-galling coatings, chlorine or bromine gas production and handling, and more. 

Halocarbon 25-5S grease is now available as InfinX MRO 2505

A general-purpose lubricant, InfinX MRO 2505 is designed for exceptional performance in a broad range of temperatures and chemical-rich environments. Thickened with silica, this inert lubricant is manufactured to provide exceptional safety for an abundance of manufacturing processes and applications. 

Like Halocarbon 25-5S, InfinX MRO 2505 is also optimal for components that come in direct contact with reactive gases such as oxygen or chlorine. This grease is well-suited for maintenance, repair, and chemical plant operations. Additionally, InfinX MRO 2505 provides excellent lubrication for fittings, valves, and gaskets in medical oxygen, oxygen service, hyperbaric chambers, and peroxide manufacturing applications.Halocarbon’s launch of the InfinX MRO line of products starts with a well-rounded portfolio of fluorinated greases for today’s most demanding manufacturing environments, that we will continue to grow with the addition of our fluorinated oils. Check out the InfinX MRO line of breakthrough fluorinated lubricants for your MRO needs today.

bearpawHalocarbon Rebrands Two Flagship Greases to Lead the InfinX E-Commerce Brand

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