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What is your Environmental, Health, Safety & Security policy?
Halocarbon is dedicated to providing its employees and neighbors with the safest possible environment. We strive for continual improvement in all aspects of our environmental, safety, health and security performance in order to ensure the safety and security of all stakeholders.

Our principles are:

• Every employee is entitled to a safe and healthy workplace.
• Adhering to Halocarbon EH&S policies is a condition of employment.
• All employees, especially members of management, are responsible for proactively maintaining a workplace free from hazards.
• Every employee is expected to comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations.
• Halocarbon will aggressively train all employees to ensure the goals of this policy are met.

As part of our effort to achieve these goals, we will follow the Responsible Care Guiding Principles, which include active participation in all areas of community awareness and emergency response, distribution safety, pollution prevention, process safety, product stewardship and employee health and safety.

David Bacon
Chief Executive Officer



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Environment, Health, Safety, and Security Policy

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Halocarbon is a proud member of ACC and is a certified Responsible Care © company. Learn more about Responsible Care © and the American Chemistry Council here.

Halocarbon is also a proud member of SOCMA subscribing to SOCMA vision of safe, sustainable, and environmentally responsible operations which are internationally competitive and contribute to a healthy, productive economy. For more information click here.

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