Halocarbon 0.8 Oil for Ultra-Low Freezer Calibration and Vaccine Cold Storage Solutions

The coronavirus pandemic has drawn particular attention to effective vaccine storage, transportation, and distribution. In particular, the need to not allow for temperature excursions in the dissemination of COVID-19 vaccines has made pharmaceutical cold chain management a common term in public discourse. For decades, Halocarbon has been a trusted supplier of medical freezer calibration fluids, used across a broad range of pharmaceutical applications, including vaccine cold storage solutions. 

Halocarbon 0.8 Oil is a synthetic fluid engineered to provide excellent calibration bath environment vital for the accurate calibration of thermometric sensors used in ensuring adequate storage environments for vital vaccines and other refrigerated pharmaceuticals. In addition, Halocarbon 0.8 Oil is engineered using Halocarbon PCTFE technology, making it a non-hazardous and nonflammable fluid, unlike alternatives such as alcohols, silicon oils, and mineral oils. Accordingly, Halocarbon 0.8 Oil is the recommended calibration fluid for many advanced temperature calibration instruments and applications including the industry-leading Fluke 7380, Fluke 7381, Fluke 7081 ultra-low temperature bath systems. 

The Importance of Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Management

Proper vaccine storage and handling are integral to providing health care workers a reliable supply of pharmaceuticals to combat current diseases and preventing future threats entirely. However, every year, errors in storage and handling procedures result in wasted vaccines, revaccination efforts, and poor distribution of vaccines, ultimately slowing the fight against diseases such as COVID-19. Failure to store vaccines in an effective manner may cause insufficient or adverse effects in patients, ultimately impacting the efficacy of vaccine treatments in general. 

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Calibration

Modern vaccine cold storage solutions require extremely low temperatures to operate successfully. These extreme temperatures, typically ultra-low temperatures (-80 oC), must utilize dependable and precise instruments during calibration for accurate readings and performance, a field known as thermometrology. The gauges and thermometers are dipped in a calibration bath, which is a mixed fluid to provide uniform thermal conductivity for temperature calibration. 

Accordingly, these mixed fluid calibration baths require extremely reliable and compatible ingredients to guarantee safe and accurate calibration. The fluids used in these applications must provide a unique set of properties to facilitate this highly critical process. These properties include uniform temperature conduction, ability to maintain low viscosities at cryogenic temperatures, the ability to not condense and mix with water, and to be safe to handle and use.  Halocarbon specializes in the development of ultra low-temperature calibration fluid for a range of applications, including vaccine cold chain solutions.  

Halocarbon 0.8 Oil for Calibration of Vaccine Cold Storage Solutions

As one of the most reliable fluids for low-temperature calibration bath mixtures, Halocarbon 0.8 Oil exhibits a range of excellent, intrinsic properties. Halocarbon 0.8 Oil is a low molecular weight polymer designed using cutting-edge PCTFE technology to instill high thermal stability, chemical inertness, and non-flammability. Additionally, because of its stability, this oil is safe and nonflammable, which makes it ideal for use across a broad range of temperatures and applications. 

Halocarbon 0.8 Oil offers an array of beneficial properties for calibration bath fluid mixtures. This specialty lubricant facilitates highly accurate readings due to its highly controlled polymerization development process. Its retention of properties in ultra-low temperatures ensures extremely consistent results. Additionally, Halocarbon 0.8 Oil resits water absorption and minimizes electrical leakage. These properties mitigate adverse physical, chemical, and electrical property changes during the calibration process, which also helps to guarantee accurate and dependable results. 

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bearpawHalocarbon 0.8 Oil for Ultra-Low Freezer Calibration and Vaccine Cold Storage Solutions

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