Halocarbon 400 Oil

Halocarbon 400 oil is a high molecular weight polymer of chlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE). This inert oil is manufactured by a controlled polymerization process and then is stabilized to give it some very unique properties. This oil is safe, nonflammable and chemically inert – safe for oxygen, chlorine and most reactive gas services. It has good lubricity, high thermal stability, and low compressibility.

Halocarbon 400 oil is one of the higher viscosity inert oils that is manufactured by Halocarbon Products. Typical applications of Halocarbon 400 oil include general purpose inert lubrication, such as bearings, gear boxes, and pumps. This Halocarbon oil can be interchanged with hydrocarbon oils with some slight modification. Please see the SDS for more details.

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