Electronics Solutions

Our Electronics Solutions

Today, Halocarbon continues to work with its partners to develop novel fluorochemicals that push the current-state of electronics to new heights. We are applying fluorochemistry to surface-modifying coatings that enable biometric authentication, to photolithographic materials that allow for semiconductor miniaturization, and to electrolyte solutions within lithium ion batteries that will power our future. As a full-scale manufacturer of specialty fluoroproducts, Halocarbon is uniquely positioned to be your end-to-end partner for full product development and commercial raw material supply.

Lithium Ion Battery Solutions

Halocarbon is focusing on cell- and pack-level solutions that enhance the performance and safety of high-voltage lithium ion batteries, providing unique fluorochemical solutions. These solutions are specifically designed to provide increased capacity-retention and cyclability, superior flammability suppression and thermal management properties, in addition to compatibility with a broad range of cell designs, electrode chemistries, and electrolyte solutions.

Semiconductor Fabrication Solutions

Halocarbon provides high-purity, electronics-grade specialty fluorochemicals for use in next-generation photoresist materials, photoacid generators, and semiconductor etchant gases. Halocarbon science leverages a legacy of knowledge and expertise in organofluorine chemistry to develop unique solutions that help our partners drive the electronics industry to new heights, enabling semiconductor miniaturization and enhancing photolithography designs.

Advanced Polyimide Solutions

The advanced electronics industry continues to drive towards thinner and more flexible devices that are faster and more powerful than ever before. Halocarbon has worked closely with leaders in the electronic materials industry to create a line of process agents that enable breakthroughs in design flexibility and manufacturing efficiency.

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