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InfinX Announces Chlorine-Compatible Fluids and Lubricants Following Chlorine Institute Pamphlet #164 Update

PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA, February 8, 2024 — InfinX by Halocarbon, a leading innovator for over 70 years in the design and manufacture of specialty fluids and lubricants for industrial applications, is pleased to announce a range of products that have been meticulously designed for compatibility in chlorine-based environments, acknowledged by recent updates to the Chlorine Institute’s Pamphlet #164.

CNC lathe processing.

Different Types of Titanium Machining

Tungsten, a metal known for its high melting point, hardness, and density, is widely used in a variety of industrial applications due to its unique properties. However, tungsten is also one of the most difficult metals to machine, which can make the manufacturing process challenging. Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids are designed to simplify a variety of

The CNC milling center cutting the alloy wheel by solid ball endmill tool with coolant method. The magnesium alloy wheel manufacturing process by machining centre.

Different Types of Tungsten Machining

Titanium, a metal known for its exceptional strength, low density, and excellent corrosion resistance, is extensively used in a wide range of industrial applications. However, titanium presents unique challenges when it comes to machining due to its high strength and heat resistance. To simplify the titanium machining process and enhance efficiency, precision, and tool life,

metalwork. wire or spark erosion process of hardmetal machining with water cooling

Metalworking Fluids for Titanium Machining: an Overview

Metalworking Fluids for Titanium Machining: an Overview Titanium is a strong and lightweight metal widely used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and marine due to its exceptional corrosion resistance and high strength-to-weight ratio. However, machining titanium presents unique challenges that require specialized techniques and cutting fluids to ensure precise and efficient processes. In

The CNC milling machine rough cutting the mold and die parts with liquid coolant method.

Tungsten Machining: an Overview

Tungsten is a hard and brittle metal that is difficult to machine using conventional methods. Its high melting point, low thermal expansion, and low electrical resistivity make it a popular material in various industries, including aerospace, defense, medical and energy. However, machining tungsten requires specialized techniques and equipment to ensure precision and efficiency. Halocarbon Metalworking

Halocarbon Rebrands Two Flagship Greases to Lead the InfinX E-Commerce Brand

Halocarbon Rebrands Two Flagship Greases to Lead the InfinX E-Commerce Brand

Halocarbon is proud to announce the launch of InfinX, our new brand name for our flagship fluorinated lubricants portfolio. With InfinX, Halocarbon introduces a new brand of fluorinated greases that goes beyond the base-chemistry of the lubricant itself, offering products based on both PCTFE technology and PFPE technology. Together, these chemistry platforms cover a wide

Halocarbon Introduces InfinX, a Breakthrough E-Commerce Brand

Halocarbon Introduces InfinX, a Breakthrough E-Commerce Brand

Halocarbon is excited to launch InfinX, an innovative e-commerce brand and website developed to simplify ordering from our Engineered Fluids portfolio of products. With the launch of InfinX, Halocarbon offers a broad line of high-performance fluorinated lubricants that goes beyond the chemistry of the base oil. InfinX greases and oils are designed using the latest

Halocarbon Engineered Fluids For Gas Chromatography

Halocarbon Engineered Fluids For Gas Chromatography

For decades, gas chromatography has remained an integral analytical technique in many industries, including pharma, environmental testing, and the oil and refinery industries. Commonly used to separate and determine the concentrations of the components comprising complex mixtures, gas chromatography is one of the most widely utilized analytical methods in modern chemistry. Inherently, some higher density

Price Increase Letter – Engineered Fluids

October 15, 2021 Dear Valued Customer, Due to significant increases in the cost of our raw materials, labor costs, and freight/logistics costs, Halocarbon, LLC will be increasing the price of  its Engineered Fluids products by 5% effective January 1, 2022. This  increase applies to Halocarbon’s PCTFE and PFPE products. If you have any questions about