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Since our company’s origins in the 1950s, Halocarbon Engineered Fluids have been integral to a long line of innovative breakthroughs. From inert lubricants for use in U.S. military applications to gyroscopic fluids used for navigation systems, Halocarbon scientists and engineers have developed fluorocarbon-based solutions for cutting-edge applications that continue to evolve over time. Today, Halocarbon continues to be a leading producer of fluorinated materials that enhance product safety, increase efficiency, extend product life, and improve product efficacy.

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Products for Hazardous Operations

Many of today’s manufacturing operations involve hazardous processes that require innovative solutions to mitigate risk and improve productions efficiency. Halocarbon Products for Hazardous Operations include a selection of high-performance, chemically-inert, and non-flammable lubricants that ensure safe and reliable operations.

Our cutting-edge fluorinated fluids are uniquely formulated to stand up to the harshest operating conditions. These fluorinated greases and oils are well-suited for applications such as Mechanical Seal Barrier Fluids; Thread, Gasket, and O-Ring Sealants, and many more.

Lubricants for
Oxygen and Chlorine Handling

Halocarbon Lubricants for Oxygen and Chlorine Handling are designed for use in the harshest environments and mitigate the risks of reactive processes, fire and explosion hazards, and in applications where environmental release cannot be tolerated. Our lubricants for Reactive Gas Service, Fill Fluids, and Compressor Fluids exhibit compatibility with an broad range of reactive gases and are engineered to provide long-lasting thermal stability and chemically inert properties. Accordingly, Halocarbon fluorinated solutions have remained the trusted lubricants for a variety of specialty gas applications for several decades.

What are Instrumental
Analysis Fluids?

Halocarbon Instrumental Analysis Fluids are formulated to provide enhanced optical clarity, density, and hydrocarbon solubility. These properties make Halocarbon Instrumental Analysis Fluids an ideal solution for analytical procedures that require precise measurements with negligible background noise, and zero loss of analytes.

Advanced Manufacturing

Halocarbon Engineered Fluids for Advanced Manufacturing deliver a unique set properties in some of today’s most sophisticated metalworking, vacuum pump, and critical cleaning applications. Our fluids provide unsurpassed machining of refractory metals, providing precision metal-removal and forming. In addition our Engineered Fluid solutions are specifically formulated to provide Lewis-acid resistance, enable breakthrough semiconductor fabrication technologies.

HalocarbonEngineered Fluids