Chemically Inert | Fluorinated Additive

InfinX KFPA, utilizing advanced Halocarbon PFPE technology, is a cutting-edge fluorinated polymer additive, specifically designed to enhance the performance and processability of plastics and elastomers. Composed of a fluorinated synthetic oil based on perfluoropolyethers (PFPE), this colorless and odorless K-Fluid is nonflammable, nonreactive, and chemically inert, making it an exceptional choice for a wide range of applications. 

InfinX KFPA is compatible with most metals, plastics, and elastomers, offering exceptional sealing and lubricating properties alongside excellent heat transfer capabilities. Its versatile formulation ensures it can be effectively utilized in a broad spectrum of industrial, automotive, and consumer product applications, promising an unmatched blend of performance enhancement and processing ease.

Property Unit/Condition Typical Value
Chemistry PFPE
Viscosity cSt @ 40°C 160
Volatility 22hr @ 121°C < 1%
Density g/ml @ 0°C 1.94
Surface Tension dyn/cm @ 26°C 18
Refractive Index n20 1.3
Pour Point °C -30
Appearance Clear Liquid

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