InfinX KFTM is a chemically inert and nonflammable NLGI 2 grease, ideal for the segmented molds in rubber tire manufacturing. Its formulation, using Halocarbon PFPE technology and a PTFE-based thickener, ensures superior lubrication across a wide temperature range (–20°C to +288°C) and compatibility with most plastics. InfinX KFTM protects metals against rust and corrosion and is 100% compatible with other PFPE greases, making it a versatile choice for environments involving hazardous chemicals and requiring high stability and inertness.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Adhesion: Ensures the grease stays in place, reducing the need for frequent reapplication.
  • High Thermal Stability: Maintains performance in high-temperature environments typical in tire vulcanization.
  • Chemical Inertness: Resists chemical reactions, enhancing durability and safety.
  • High Hydrolytic Stability: Unaffected by contact with boiling water or steam, crucial for steam-heated processes.
  • Carbon Residue Elimination: Prevents buildup often associated with hydrocarbon-based greases.

Key Applications

  • Vulcanization Process in Rubber Tire Manufacturing: Specifically designed for lubricating both electric and steam-heated molds.
  • High-Performance Industrial Equipment: Where high thermal stability, chemical inertness, and longevity are crucial.
  • Applications Requiring Extended Lubrication Intervals: Its excellent adhesion and resistance to high temperatures and chemicals make it ideal for machinery where frequent re-lubrication is impractical or undesirable.
NLGI Grade # 2
Thickener PTFE
Color Smooth, White
Minimum Operating Temperature -20°C (-68°F)
Maximum Operating Temperature 288°C (550°F)
Base Oil Type PFPE
Base Oil Viscosity, cSt 455 @ 40°C
Dropping Point, C None
Flash Point, C None

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