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InfinX MRO KF2R6

InfinX MRO KF2R6 is a premium lubricating grease designed for use in extreme conditions at high temperatures.  Formulated using Halocarbon PFPE Technology and thickened with a PTFE-based thickener, this universal grease contains a very safe corrosion inhibitor widely accepted worldwide for use across a broad range of bearing applications.  InfinX MRO KF2R6 is chemically inert and nonflammable and provides superior lubrication across a mid-range of temperatures (–40 °C to +260 °C).


InfinX MRO KF2R6 is an NLGI 2 grease and is universally compatible with most plastics and protects metals against rust and corrosion.  This chemically inert grease is safe for use in direct contact with hazardous chemicals. Its exceptional performance and compatibility with common rubbers and elastomers makes it ideal for use as a high temperature bearing lubricant in many applications.  InfinX MRO KF2R6 is recommended as a go-to fluorolube grease for bearings in hazardous industrial processes.

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