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InfinX KFC6 & KFC7

Premium Bearing Grease Solutions for the Corrugated Packaging Industry

InfinX MRO KFC6 and InfinX MRO KFC7

Introducing InfinX MRO KFC6 and InfinX MRO KFC7, by Halocarbon. These two lubricating greases are designed to reduce wear and extend the service life of the roll bearings and rotary joints used in corrugator machinery. These greases have been specifically formulated to rival industry-leading lubricants, giving you a safe and cost-effective choice in keeping your machines running smoothly with fewer bearing failures and less downtime.

Primary Applications

Key Benefits:

    • Lubricate a wide range of roll bearings and rotary joints in
      corrugator machinery
    • Extend service life; higher throughput without
      compromising on quality
    • Reduce downtime, mitigate maintenance costs, and
      minimize bearing failures

Product Features:

    • Superior performance across a broad temperature range
      • InfinX MRO KFC6: 25 to 260 °C (15 to 500 °F)
      • InfinX MRO KFC7: 20 to 288 °C (4 to 550 °F)
    • Safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-reactive, and non-
    • NSF H-1 registered; approved for incidental food contact

A Legacy of PFPE Expertise

Formulated with 40+ years of experience in the paper corrugator industry, InfinX MRO KFC6 and KFC7 are based on industry-leading Halocarbon PFPE technology. These lubricating greases deliver superior performance over a wide temperature range and broad compatibility with a myriad of bearings, joints, and sealing materials.

InfinX MRO KFC6 and KFC7 are designed as drop-in replacements for facilities already using other PFPE-based greases, making switching costs a non-issue. So, that leaves just one question: what are you waiting for?

Comparative Properties:

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