Halocarbon MWF32

Halocarbon MWF32

Medium Viscosity | Ready-to-Use Formulation

Halocarbon MWF32 is a PCTFE oil specifically designed for metalworking applications. This medium-viscosity, synthetic lightweight oil offers excellent lubricity and a variety of advantageous performance properties. MWF32 allows for better surface finish and extended tool life when compared to conventional metalworking fluids and is proven superior to benchmark comparables in a wide range of applications and processes. This inert metalworking fluid has a water-white liquid appearance.

MWF32 is well-suited for use in metal forming (tube drawing, wire drawing), metal removal (milling, turning, sawing, grinding, honing), and using standard application processes (flooding and misting).

Additionally, MWF32 is a choice solution for machining processes involving Tungsten (W), Tantalum (Ta), Molybdenum (Mo), Niobium (Nb), Rhenium (Re), Titanium (Ti), their alloys, and more.

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