Halocarbon Greases and Oils Contribute To Safe Manufacturing and Transportation of Oxygen

The coronavirus introduces several new challenges in healthcare manufacturing and logistics, as many industries scramble to deliver on the unpredictable level of demands. Oxygen, for instance, is an indispensable requirement for the medical community, especially in the midst of an upper respiratory infection-based pandemic. This essential gas is unsurprisingly difficult to transport, as it must be liquified and stored at extremely low temperatures and is delivered via highly specialized vehicles.

Patients suffering from COVID-19 are being prescribed portable oxygen, leading to a substantial increase in demand for new machines, containers, and transportation. Due to the complexity of oxygen manufacturing and logistics, and with the sudden incalculable spikes in the demand for oxygen, many areas of the world struggle to sustain an adequate oxygen supply chain. Additionally, a limited range for oxygen delivery trucks leads experts to move medical oxygen supplies where they most likely may be needed next. 

Many companies have focused energy and resources on innovative new methods to develop and transfer oxygen across greater distances to help with this distribution effort

Halocarbon specializes in the production of high-performance greases and oils designed for oxygen compatibility and safety. The intrinsic properties of these oils and greases make them extremely well-suited for a wide range of oxygen service applications, from production and storage, to transportation and use.  Halocarbon continues to develop new breakthroughs in lubricant technology to support the vital industries to maintain safe and reliable operations.  Durin the COVID-19 era, industries like medical gas manufacturing and transportation have come to trust Halocarbon lubricants for their safety, while staying focused on addressing the challenges of pandemic relief. 

Halocarbon Lubricants For Oxygen Handling

For decades, Halocarbon Lubricants have been used to safely and efficiently lubricate the full range of applications and components in industries where reactive gas service is prevalent. By providing the required inertness towards strong oxidizers and reactive chemicals across a wide temperature range, these nonflammable oils and greases are the choice lubricants for use in medical oxygen services. Specifically, Halocarbon 25-5s, Halocarbon 4.2 Oil, and Halocarbon 27 Oil are exceptional engineered fluids for oxygen-rich environments, and they offer a unique spectrum of beneficial performance properties. 

Halocarbon 25-5s is a thick, long-lasting, and nonflammable grease that is specifically engineered for applications that operate in extreme temperature ranges. Our breakthrough polymerization process equips this grease with high-performance characteristics, including chemical inertness, nonflammability, and oxygen compatibility. Its excellent thermal stability and low compressibility make it optimal for use in oxygen applications such as ventilators, valves, fittings, gaskets, o-rings and connectors. 

Halocarbon 4.2 Oil is a transparent oil widely used as a fill-fluid in oxygen-service gauges. This low-viscosity fill-fluid is oxygen safe, non-flammable, and chemically inert, which makes it best-suited for reactive gas services and applications. Halocarbon 4.2 Oil helps dampen needle vibration in gauges and serves as a safe fill-fluid that will not react in the presence of oxygen. The medical oxygen industry utilizes 4.2 Oil for process equipment as well as the regulators found on oxygen cylinders and tanks. 

Halocarbon 27 Oil is a high-performance oil designed and formulated for reactive gas environments and services. This inert oil performs well as a lubricant in applications where safety, nonflammability, chemical compatibility, and thermal stability are crucial. Halocarbon 27 Oil is routinely used in oxygen manufacturing facilities as well as in transportation vehicles for the safe shipment and delivery of oxygen. Additionally, this specialty oil can be used as a working fluid in pumps and compressors for oxygen-service production and transport applications.Looking to learn more about Halocarbon Engineered Fluids, PCTFE technology, or reactive gas lubricants? Contact us today.

bearpawHalocarbon Greases and Oils Contribute To Safe Manufacturing and Transportation of Oxygen

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