Halocarbon Electronics Solutions: Bridging the Gap Between Lab-Supply Houses and Large-Scale Chemical Production

As the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery industry for the automotive market continues to expand at a rapid pace, the field of innovation becomes increasingly competitive. A market with this magnitude of growth potential and demand presents tremendous opportunities for technology companies of all sizes. Cutting-edge battery technologies have emerged and have been shown to address the high energy density needs of the automotive sector.  However, many manufacturers are often faced with the challenge of balancing the game-changing performance-enhancement of such new technologies with the commercial-scale viability.  For example, unique fluorine-containing solutions have been clearly shown to drive the performance and safety advancements needed for the future, however, traditional supply-chains that focus more on scale-economies, present appreciable obstacles for automotive companies and their battery suppliers to overcome, especially in the early stages of production and launch of new technologies.  

This should not stop companies from converting the best ideas into industry-wide breakthroughs.  Halocarbon has a legacy of strategic partnerships that have helped to drive many critical technologies.  Halocarbon balances both the economies of scope and scale to bridge the gap between the development of new technologies and their large-scale production to support commercial launch and growth.  For over 70 years, Halocarbon has focused on delivering fluoroproduct breakthroughs required to shape an ever-changing world.

Key Challenge in Automotive Li-Ion Batteries

The ever-expanding market for electric vehicles (EVs) is expected to grow from three million units (2019) to 26 million units by 2030. This massive increase in expectation and demand calls for large-scale fluoroproduct manufacturing to support Li-Ion battery and electrolyte system advancements that will be critical in facilitating innovation and growth. Currently, the worldwide capacity for fluoroproduct development is limited and falls significantly short when providing access to fluoroproducts specifically designed to support the burgeoning future of the automotive industry.

Small-scale lab supply houses, while being able to provide a broad range of specialty fluorochemicals, lack the manufacturing processes or assets to provide potential solutions at scales relevant for commercial viability.   Large-scale multinational fluorochemical companies are often hesitant to invest in scaling up new products prior to demand commitments for very large volumes of production. This fundamental difference between scope and scale creates the gap between lab supply volumes and large-scale production. Large-scale investors and manufacturers often require a production scale of tens of thousands of metric tons, especially for an industry as large as Li-Ion batteries for electric vehicles. Unless early-stage fluoroproduct suppliers can address both the design requirements of a new fluorochemical solution and its scale-manufacturing potential, the leap from lab supply houses to large-scale chemical production will present a critical challenge in the automotive industry.

Halocarbon Electronics Solutions: Bridging the Gap

Halocarbon Electronics Solutions provides the ability and the support the Li-Ion battery industry needs, and serves as the bridge between the lab supply houses and large-scale manufacturing businesses. For the past four years, our chemists and engineers have engaged in open innovation partnerships with leading players across the industry.  Our chemists have developed unique fluoroproduct solutions that are specifically designed to unlock the performance and safety requirements of high energy density batteries. Likewise, our engineers have designed scale manufacturing routes that can provide their sustainable supply to support the launch and growth of new battery technologies.  With our cutting-edge fluorochemical solutions, we are uniquely positioned as the end-to-end partner for large-scale, full product development and supply. The cell- and pack-level solutions from Halocarbon Electronics Solutions enhance the performance and safety of Li-Ion batteries. Our experts partner with a wide range of industry leaders and work closely with them to deliver continuous innovation, while simultaneously meeting demand and volume requirements. 

Additionally, Halocarbon Electronics Solutions is currently in discussions regarding contractually reserving future capacity to fully support the customer’s fluoroproduct scale-up needs enabling the future of automotive and its accompanying Li-Ion demands. This presents automotive companies with a tremendous opportunity to reserve future capacity, ensuring they have a secure fluoroproduct supply chain, and support the movement of next-generation battery commercialization. 

Halocarbon Electronics Solutions continues to innovate as the industry leader in fluoroproduct breakthroughs. Our experts push the limits of cutting-edge fluorochemistry to pave the way for significant Li-Ion battery advancements in the automotive industry. Contact us to contractually reserve your capacity before the market is sold out.

bearpawHalocarbon Electronics Solutions: Bridging the Gap Between Lab-Supply Houses and Large-Scale Chemical Production

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