Halocarbon PCTFE Technology for Low-Molecular Weight Oligomers

What Are PCTFE Oligomers?

PCTFE oligomers are engineered fluids that consist of only a few repeating CTFE monomer units. These low-molecular weight oligomeric materials differ from the high-molecular weight polymeric thermoplastics of CTFE in a number of ways. PCTFE oligomers are fluid in nature, taking on liquid, grease, or wax forms which can be tuned depending upon the degree of oligomerization. Halocarbon PCTFE technology is designed using advanced fluorochemistry to engineer highly these highly-specialized fluids, which are used as lubricants and process fluids in a wide range of cutting-edge applications. 

Halocarbon PCTFE lubricants are non-flammable, non-toxic, non-reactive, and chemically inert. These characteristics make them uniquely suited for use in hazardous operations and highly demanding applications. For example, Halocarbon Engineered Fluids are the only fluids suitable for cutting and shaping hard-to-machine metals and their alloys. Similarly these fluids provide excellent cooling and sealing properties, which in combination with their non-flammability and chemical inertness make them ideal for use as barrier fluids in mechanical seals and chemical-safe and Lewis Acid-resistant oils in high-vacuum applications. Their non-toxic nature and low viscosities, even at cryogenic temperatures, make the lighter PCTFE oligomers the ideal fluids for use in ultra-low temperature baths for the calibration of low-temperature sensors. Halocarbon PCTFE technology makes it possible to provide a broad spectrum of solutions, specifically designed for your particular application. Halocarbon offers these engineered fluids in a variety of viscosities—providing you with solutions that meet your needs across a broad range of processing and performance standards.     

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Safe to handle
  • Non-toxic
  • No flash point
  • Non-flammable
  • High thermal stability
  • Good heat transfer
  • Excellent lubrication
  • Cost-effective

PCTFE in Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids

Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids are synthetically engineered PCTFE oils, specifically designed to extend tool life and improve the surface finish and integrity when working in an abundance of refractory metal processes. These light-to-heavy oligomers enable improved safety and efficiency in cutting, stamping, turning, milling, drilling, grinding, honing, shaping, polishing, sawing, and other advanced machining processes. The inherent characteristics of PCTFE-based metalworking fluids enable both the lubricating and cooling during the working processes of refractory metals and their alloys. The non-flammable, chemically inert, and non-reactive properties make these fluorinated oils especially well-suited for metalworking that involves flammable or hazardous materials. In addition to increased safety and efficiency, Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids do not oxidize, which facilitates a durable, long-lasting performance. 

PCTFE in Ultra-Low Calibration Bath Fluids

Halocarbon Engineered Fluids, such as Halocarbon 0.8 oil, is an inert, low molecular weight PCTFE oil. As a safe, nonflammable, and chemically-inert oil, Halocarbon 0.8 is ideal for ultra-low temperature calibration baths for thermometric sensors. These routine assessments require bath oils with good lubricity, extreme thermal stability, and low compressibility to deliver optimal performance in the ultra-low temperatures of calibration baths. Halocarbon 0.8 Oil has been specifically engineered to perform uniformly across the wide range of temperatures, delivering the most precise and accurate results. Additionally, the stability and chemical inert properties of this PCTFE oil makes it easy to handle and compatible with a broad range of probes and sensors. 

PCTFE in Halocarbon Mechanical Seal Barrier Fluids

Halocarbon Seal Barrier Fluids are synthetic oils, manufactured with PCTFE technology for the seals required in hazardous processes. These innovative fluids are used in a broad range of industries and operations such as petroleum refining, natural gas processing, chemical manufacturing, refrigerant manufacturing, and many more. Unlike glycol-, alcohol-, mineral oil-, hydrocarbon-, and silicone-based barrier fluids, Halocarbon Mechanical Seal Barrier Fluids are chemically inert and intrinsically non-reactive. These innate properties are ideal for applications that require strong acids or bases, flammable solvents, hydrocarbons, corrosive chemicals, strong oxidizers, and reactive gases. Not only do PCTFE-based seal barrier fluids provide enhanced protection and safety during processing, they also mitigate the risk of seal failure which could expose workers to harmful materials and hazardous fluids. Halocarbon currently offers three different unique grades of mechanical seal barrier fluids: high velocity, low velocity, and life-extension fluids. 

PCTFE in Halocarbon Vacuum Pump Fluids

Halocarbon Vacuum Pump Fluids are PCTFE-based oils specifically developed for the low vapor pressure and viscosity requirements of precision vacuum pump applications. These fluorinated lubricants are nonflammable, chemically inert, and chlorine compatible, which gives them the edge over conventional hydrocarbon-based oils. Vacuum pump fluids based in PCTFE technology display the best Lewis acid compatibility available at less absolute vacuum, as well as improved safety during routine operations. The chemical composition of Halocarbon Vacuum Pump Fluids is less complex and more cost-effective than traditional materials, which increases processing efficiency, reliability, and performance. 

Halocarbon As a Producer of PCTFE Technology

Halocarbon is the only producer of PCTFE oligomer technology in North America, and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Our manufacturing facilities are located in North Augusta, South Carolina, and as a family-owned company, we are a proud partner of the US government in the first nuclear program and Apollo space programs. Our breakthrough fluorochemistry produces a variety of oils, greases, and waxes for some of the most advanced engineered fluids on the market today.

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