The Future of Electric Vehicles: Higher Performing Lithium-Ion Battery

The automotive industry’s shift towards electric vehicles requires advanced Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries to improve powertrain efficiency and performance. Halocarbon Electronic Solutions (HES) is teaming up with the leading Li-ion battery producers to provide fluorochemical solutions for safer, lighter, longer-lasting batteries to enhance high-power operations in the electric vehicle. HES formulates fluorinated co-solvents and additives for more accessible, commercially viable solutions for higher energy densities in the Li-ion battery.

HES produces fluorinated materials that increase the Li-ion battery’s lifespan, safety, performance, and durability to accommodate today’s most advanced electric vehicles. The fluorochemistry experts at HES combine fluorocarbon-based materials into chemically specific formulas to deliver more advanced results. Their broad portfolio of commercially ready additives and co-solvents are specially formulated to enhance the safety and performance of high-voltage NMC cathodes for Li-ion batteries and are compatible with existing cell designs.

Fluorinated materials for high-voltage Li-ion batteries demonstrate:

  • Enhanced electrolyte stability and safety
  • Cell component compatibility and separator wettability
  • Improved SEI layer formation

Superior Electrolyte Stability at High Voltages

HES create fluorinated additives and co-solvents that offer much higher anodic stabilities to prevent susceptibility to electrochemical degradation. Their unique fluorochemical technology enables the Li-ion battery to withstand high-voltage operations by employing the inherent thermodynamic stability of the C–F bond. These fluorinated materials are designed to improve capacitance and prolong the lifetime of cells at voltages exceeding 4.2 V for increased safety and reliability.

Improved Charge Transport

Fluorinated materials are needed to continue the evolution towards high energy densities in the high-voltage Li-ion battery. HES fluorinated co-solvents, when combined with lithium salts and other electrolyte additives, increase the separator wettability to facilitate more efficient ion transport through the Li-ion battery.

Enhanced SEI Layer Formation

A protective SEI layer is essential to the health and performance of the Li-ion battery to help mitigate initial capacity loss during early cycles, increase cell lifetimes, and to improve the overall safety of the battery. HES formulate fluorinated additives and co-solvents specifically designed to generate uniform SEI layers that electronically insulate and protect the anode surface to prevent adverse degradation of the electrolyte at high voltages.

Halocarbon Electronic Solutions is committed to supplying a broad range of ready-to-formulate additives and co-solvents for safer, lighter, and longer-lasting batteries. Our goal is to formulate fluorinated materials for Li-ion batteries that are more accessible and commercially viable. Looking to learn more? Contact our sales manager for more information on our fluoroproducts.

bearpawThe Future of Electric Vehicles: Higher Performing Lithium-Ion Battery

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