What to Look for In a Metalworking Fluid for Refractory Metals

What Is a Refractory Metal Metalworking Fluid?

A refractory metal metalworking fluid is an engineered synthetic solution for refractory metals specially formulated to extend tool life and improve surface finish by removing friction between the tool and the workpiece in all forms of metalworking operations. Metalworking fluids are designed to specifically improve the workpiece quality by removing chips and fines from the surface and reducing the risk of in-process corrosion. These high-grade fluids offer safe, reliable solutions for a multitude of operations including machining, forming, and shaping for challenging refractory metals including molybdenum, tungsten, niobium, tantalum, rhenium and their alloys.

Metalworking Fluid Characteristics to Look For:

  •   Safe to handle, nontoxic
  •   Nonreactive
  •   Thermally stable
  •   Chemically inert
  •   Nonflammable – no flash or fire point
  •   Anticorrosive
  •   Good lubricity
  •   Heat dissipation abilities

Enhance Surface Finish and Tool Life

Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids function as lubricants and coolants in machine operations including sawing, drilling, grinding, and milling. Additionally, they are useful in wire and tube drawing, cold rolling, and stamping of refractory metals and their alloys. Their intrinsically nonreactive, non-flammable formula facilitate safe and effective lubrication at the point of contact between the workpiece and tool to prevent friction and adherence of metal against the cutting tool. These fluids also extend tool life and increase turning speeds and feeds by reducing the threat of chips and debris from adhering to the cutting tool.

Cater to Diverse Applications

High-grade Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids are equipped to serve a multitude of applications for reliable, high-performing machining, drawing, and forming of refractory metals with long-term reliability. The unmatched PCTFE technology behind Halocarbon’s assortment of metalworking fluids enables more effective and safer machining operations of complex parts composed of refractory metals.

Improve Processing for Greater Precision

Metalworking fluids reduce the presence of friction, which decreases the generation of heat at the point of contact. By stabilizing the temperature of the workpiece, Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids enable improved control over its size and shape. Additionally, these synthetic fluids have the ability to reduce tool wear and breakdown by preventing the formation of buildup and damage around its cutting edge.

Reduce Production Costs

Metalworking fluids save production time and capital by allowing for superior quality cutting, stamping, and drawing with reduced rejects. Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids lengthen tool life and therefore minimize the need for frequent replacement resulting in increased production rates.

Halocarbon is committed to producing the highest performing, most reliable metalworking fluids to provide optimum machinability and workability for refractory metals. Whether you’re seeking metalworking fluids for wire-drawing or stamping, we ensure long-term solutions for enhanced refractory metal processing. Looking to learn more or purchase a fluid? Contact us today!

bearpawWhat to Look for In a Metalworking Fluid for Refractory Metals

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