Emerging Trends in the Semiconductor Industry

As technological advancements continue to improve the design complexity and capability of semiconductor instruments, engineers must deliver specially formulated solutions that meet the evolving demands of the industry. With powerful breakthroughs in the hexafluoroisopropyl (HFIP) chemistry field, Halocarbon Electronic Solutions (HES) leads the market in developing new solutions to improve the performance of semiconductor devices. With 65+ years of experience, HES is devoted to formulating the most innovative fluorochemical products to offer optimal performance across a range of applications including photolithography, electronics packaging, and advanced displays. Below are three major trends influencing today’s semiconductor fabrication chemistry solutions.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the continued connectivity of electronics and everyday objects via the internet, which enables communication, interaction, and remote monitoring or controlling. Industry specialists consider the IoT the most influential application for semiconductors today as they play a critical role in the processing and collecting of data. The IoT requires secure, reliable, and cost-effective semiconductors capable of cross-industry compatibility.  Advances in miniaturization as well as flexible, robust packaging enabled by fluorochemistry are critical to the developing IoT.  The expansiveness of the IoT positions semiconductors in a variety of next generation electronics such as automotive, medical devices, and industrial fabrication with implications to insurance, healthcare, and manufacturing, to name a few.

Artificial Intelligence

As the IoT drives the connection of devices, Artificial Intelligence (AI) puts them to use. AI is the ability for devices and computer systems to perform tasks that generally require the cognitive function of a human brain, and it offers significant opportunity in the world of semiconductor fabrication solutions. Several different compact and sophisticated devices are needed to perform a variety of tasks facilitated by AI, which presents an enormous amount of opportunities and challenges for the semiconductor industry. Semiconducting silicon chips power the accelerator stack of AI and enable key operational enhancements in storage, compute, memory, and networking.

5G Network

The 5G network is intended to connect and support the massive surge of present and future wireless data. As network traffic and complexity grow exponentially, data centers and devices require smaller, stronger semiconductors with extremely high transmission rates that are also capable of storing massive amounts of embedded memory. The low latency requirements of 5G networks demand semiconductor fabrication to deliver reliable, high-performance chips for faster electronics with little room for error in the transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and smart city industries.

The professionals at HES continue to leverage their years of experience designing and delivering raw materials used in immersion photolithography, EUV photolithography, electronic packaging, and colorless display films to partner with customers to create their next breakthrough with electronics grade fluorochemical solutions. Additionally, by partnering with fabrication companies to deliver comprehensive semiconductor chemistry solutions and directing their focus beyond traditional silicon, HES continues to explore new frontiers. These customized innovations enable semiconductor fabrication specialists to meet and exceed the flexibility and performance demands of the IoT, AI, and 5G fields. As these industries continue to expand, chemists and chemical engineers at HES deliver reliable, cutting-edge solutions capable of supporting the specialized processes of the future.

Halocarbon Electronic Solutions is a leading supplier of HFIP derivatives for next-generation, semiconductor fabrication to enhance the design and support semiconductor miniaturization. Looking to learn more? Contact our sales director, Bill McCormick, for more information on our HFIP solutions.

bearpawEmerging Trends in the Semiconductor Industry

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