Halocarbon Electronic Solutions Hires Jason Spruell as Principal Investigator

Experienced specialist of chemical and technological innovation holds numerous patents and awards

Halocarbon Electronics Solutions, a cutting-edge fluorochemical solutions developer, announces that Jason Spruell has joined the company as Principal Investigator.

Jason comes to this new role at HES with over ten years of commercial success in leadership, research, and innovation. His graduate work in chemistry was performed at Northwestern University where he developed molecular machines with Nobel Laureate Fraser Stoddart. After pursuing his post-doctoral studies in the field of polymer and material science at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Jason launched his industrial career. His early commercial experience was gained through roles at Milliken & Co and Eastman Chemical Company, where he developed technologies and products in the areas of flame retardants and flame resistant fabrics, digital printing, roll to roll processes, fiber spinning, and nonwoven processing. Jason has contributed to and led efforts in manufacturing, business, and sales projects, as well as collaborated with customers to drive technological progress.

Jason’s primary responsibilities in his new position at Halocarbon Electronics Solutions are to enable innovation through fluorochemical solutions used in the fabrication of semiconductor devices, which includes the design and development of products and molecules that meet customer’s specific technical and market needs. Additionally, Spruell will be involved in developing value across the supply chain through effective research and innovation efforts.

“I’ve always been inspired by chemistry and am driven to create new technologies and new businesses. I gain a lot of satisfaction from that,” Spruell said. “I’ve been fortunate to have commercialized new technologies in my industrial career, and I’d like to see the same thing here—to contribute towards an admired market leading organization. In the long-term, I would like to grow beyond semiconductor materials and advance in adjacent fields where our technologies can enable our customers’ next breakthrough.”

Before joining HES, Jason worked on and directed major discoveries and inventive projects, including several new fabrics and textiles that yielded significant new protective features to the user. His background in nanotechnology and organic, material, supramolecular, and polymer chemistry has propelled him to leadership roles in technology, marketing, business, and project management.

“It’s very exciting to work in an organization that has such a bright future and is so growth-minded. We design exactly how we can best meet the needs of technology and the customers, and we get to do it every day. It’s an extremely amazing opportunity that I don’t think many people get the chance to have,” claims Spruell.

Spruell graduated from the University of Alabama with a B.S. in Chemistry, received his Master’s in Chemistry from UCLA, and earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry at Northwestern University.

About Halocarbon Electronic Solutions
Halocarbon Electronics Solutions builds on the 65+ year legacy of Halocarbon, and the deep knowledge of fluorochemistry it developed. We develop customized fluorochemical solutions at commercial scale. This allows us to be the strategic partner of choice when entering or creating new markets and applications. Halocarbon Electronics Solutions is leading the way to create breakthroughs that enable higher energy density Lithium-ion batteries and next-generation semiconductor designs.

bearpawHalocarbon Electronic Solutions Hires Jason Spruell as Principal Investigator

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