The Benefits of Metalworking Fluids for Refractory Metal Processing

Refractory metal metalworking fluids are engineered synthetic fluids formulated to enhance and extend tool life by improving surface finish and removing destructive friction at the contact point between the tool and the workpiece. Premium-quality metalworking fluids provide machine operations with a safe solution for low-risk, effective machining, forming, and shaping of complex substrates. Workpiece quality is improved by removing swarfs from the surface and by reducing the risk of in-process corrosion. Metalworking fluids are chemically inert, nonflammable, and formulated for numerous industrial applications.

Halocarbon uses advanced fluorochemical technology to create unmatched metalworking fluid solutions and is the first fluorinated materials producer to offer PCTFE-based lubricants. Halocarbon’s collection of metalworking fluids include a broad range of viscosities and the option of an anti-corrosion additive.

Surface Finish Improvements

As synthetic fluorinated solutions, Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids are excellent lubricants and coolants for machining operations of refractory metals including wire and tube drawing, cold-rolling, cutting or any form of metal removal, and forming or stamping. In these operational processes, metalworking fluids lubricate the point of contact between the tool and workpiece to prevent friction. Additionally, they prevent adherence of metal to the tool or die for greater operational speeds while extending tool life. Halocarbon’s Metalworking Fluids reduce wear and protect the surface finish by reducing adhesion of the refractory metal to the tool or die.

Processing with Precision

By reducing friction at the contact point between the tool and the workpiece, Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids have a cooling effect that decreases the generation of heat and stabilizes the temperature of the workpiece. Additionally, they have the ability to reduce tool wear and breakdown by preventing buildup on the tool’s surface.

Decreases in Production Costs

Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids deter the wear and tear tools experience from continuous use and extend tool life significantly, which minimizes the need for repairs or replacements. By reducing these needs, Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids increase production capacity and deliver higher quality cutting, stamping, and drawing with minimum rejects. The improvements Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids make in the tool’s operations increase production efficiency and reduce expenditures.

Processing Difficult Refractory Metals

Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids enhance all refractory metal shaping operations by providing extremely fine surface finishes while enhancing and simplifying their processing. Halocarbon customers have experienced great success in the working of refractory metals including tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum, niobium, rhenium, and their alloys.

Halocarbon Metalworking Fluids are formulated to extend tool life by reducing friction at the point of contact, reducing the risk of tool surface buildup, and minimizing the risk of in-process corrosion for safer machining, forming, and shaping. Halocarbon metalworking fluids are premium-quality, PCTFE-based synthetic lubricants formulated with unmatched expertise. These premium-performing fluids allow manufacturers to conduct safer, reproducible, more precise, and more reliable machining operations than conventional lubricants.

Halocarbon is committed to producing the highest performing, most reliable metalworking fluids to provide optimum machinability and workability for refractory metals. Whether you’re seeking metalworking fluids for cutting, wire-drawing or stamping, we ensure long-term solutions for enhanced refractory metal processing. Looking to learn more or purchase a fluid? Contact us today!

bearpawThe Benefits of Metalworking Fluids for Refractory Metal Processing

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